Overwatch Patch Notes - Winter Wonderland 2020

Overwatch Patch Notes - Winter Wonderland 2020

Overwatch Winter Wonderland is back. Unwrap new cosmetics, earn weekly rewards and freeze your foes in the new 4v4 holiday brawl, Freezethaw Elimination!

Celebrate the season with Winter Loot Boxes. Unlock festive new seasonal items—including legendary skins like Conductor Reinhardt, Ice Empress Moira, and Penguin Mei—along with winterly items from previous years. Plus, play the returning Snowball Deathmatch, Yeti Hunter, and Snowball Offensive holiday brawls!

Learn more about Winter Wonderland on PlayOverwatch.com.

General Updates

New Feature: Priority Pass

In an effort to help address the population imbalance between Tank, Support, and Damage roles, and the longer queue times that Damage players often encounter due to this imbalance, we’re introducing the new Priority Pass feature. Players can earn Priority Passes by choosing Flex when they queue, with more passes earned for wins than for losses. Use a Priority Pass to decrease queue time for a role currently experiencing higher traffic.

Priority Passes may not be used when playing a group of 5 or more. Since we try to pair large parties against other large parties, and parties this large already contain a good balance of roles, we do not anticipate that using a Priority Pass would actually reduce queue times. As such, we don’t want players to waste their passes if this wouldn’t have a noticeable effect towards the feature’s goal.
Feature Update: Replay Viewer Custom Spectator Options

We have added a new options menu to the Replay Viewer, accessible via the Media Controls. Our goal is to give our players more control over how the Replay Viewer looks and behaves in order to navigate replays more easily, as well as make awesome content! These additional settings include the ability to independently toggle UI elements, modify player outline strength, disable objective capture sounds, and adjust the spectator camera behavior. We've also added 0.75x and 1.75x playback speeds to give you finer control.

New Options:

    Team 1 Banner
    Team 1 Heroes
    Team 2 Banner
    Team 2 Heroes
    Status Messages
    Playback Indicators
    Game Mode Specific HUD
    Kill Feed
    Player Names
    Player Health Bars
    Player Outline Strength
    First-Person Health
    First-Person Ultimate Meter
    First-Person Ability and Weapon Info
    First-Person Crosshair
    First-Person Hero HUD
    First-Person Activity Feed
    Objective Capture Sounds
    Time Skip Interval Length
    FOV Change Per Zoom
    FOV Interpolation Rate
    Maximum Free Camera FOV


    Mix of game sounds has been adjusted to give third person footsteps more prominence


Workshop Updates

New Workshop Features

[PC-Only] Inspector Log File

When the setting Enable Workshop Inspector Log File [PC-ONLY] is enabled, any log entries written to the Inspector Log will be written out to a local file on disk. When the custom game ends (or if you disconnect), the current log file will close. A new log file will be opened each time you are in a new custom game that writes out a log line via Log To Inspector.

New Workshop Values

    - String Slice


Bug Fixes


    - Fixed a bug that caused the health display for heroes with a small amount of damage to appear at full health
    - Fixed a bug that caused the "Default to Friends" option on the competitive leaderboards to not persist between game sessions
    - Fixed a bug that caused the "Leave as Group" option while leaving games to not persist between game sessions
    - Fixed a bug with Role Queue Beta season stats displaying the same ratings for all roles
    - Fixed a bug that allowed some damage-over-time abilities to charge certain heroes' ultimate abilities during the duration of their activated ultimate ability
    - Fixed a bug that caused pain exertion sounds to not trigger properly




    - Fixed a bug that caused broken Castle doors to disappear from the game client after a player respawn


    - Fixed a bug that allowed players to land on an unintended map location

Temple of Anubis

    - Fixed a bug that caused the first capture point to have a higher capture point volume than intended




    - Fixed a bug that resulted in his left forearm animating incorrectly during his Scout emote



    - Fixed a bug that would allow D.Va to use Call Mech immediately after ejecting from her mech in rare conditions



    - Fixed a bug that caused her hero portrait to reflect a cloned unit during end of round flows of PvE game modes
    - Fixed a bug that would cause her to become stuck in the previous spawn point



    - Fixed a bug with his Medal victory pose that would cause him to clip into allies during specific victory lineups



    - Fixed a bug with Sombra's hair animation not appearing correctly during her "Hacked" victory pose



    - Fixed a bug that caused her to spawn with an abnormal amount of health


Wrecking Ball

    - Fixed a bug that caused the length of his grapple ability to be shorter than normal
    - Fixed a bug that caused the camera to appear beneath the ground if Wrecking Ball shifts into ball mode while his model is still loading